About Cornerstone International School

Cornerstone International School is distinguished by both its quality of diversity and its oneness. Students in Cornerstone represent various backgrounds, creeds, religions races, cultures and nationalities, supported by a reliable set of professional academic and non-academic staff, who are happy and ever willing to guide and nurture them to know the creations, achievements, traditions and ideas of the past, which offer purpose for the present and hope for the future.

We therefore welcome you and your wards to our school, to participate in their preparation to compete in a technology-oriented workforce and to become well-informed citizens

Cornerstone International School is a world class early childhood, primary and secondary educational institution, which is determined to raise a generation of children fully ready to face global challenges and be useful in a rapidly changing world

No doubt, “the world towards which our children are heading is changing four times faster than our schools.” At cornerstone, we aim to bridge that gap.


We maintain a high standard per-schools and Basics Curriculum, Cornerstone International School, over the years has been one of the fore-runners in graduating exceptional pupils from Primary Schools

College/Day School

Our seasoned teachers coupled with a very robust administrative College Management System have placed us over the years higher than others in terms of academic excellence

World Class Boarding School

Our Boarding School is wholesome system that oversees the general godly upbringing of your children, Our modern boarding standards with modern facilities have given us a great reputation among the best boarding schools in Nigeria.


The Teen-age is a very unique and special period of time for many youths and teenagers. This is why Cornerstone International School places special emphasis on attending to the psychological, emotional and other unique needs associated with this age for our numerous students.

All individuals are special and unique hence, one must take deliberate steps in identifying the unique needs of these teenagers (our Students) and provide lasting solutions that will help them build their self-esteem and be ease their minds of all forms of traumas. This is the primary aim of our counseling sessions.


As a student, never cry in silence, our highly trained counselor is here to answer all your questions and provide you with solutions that will keep you smiling while you are learning.


Follow the link below to share your story with us, we will treat them private and keep them secured without any third party.

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