The school has exquisitely furnished and well-ventilated boarding house located within the campus. Facilities include common rooms, dining halls and mosquito free sleeping accommodation.

Our home away from home system provides the structure, discipline, guidance and order, in which growing youngsters need to develop self-confidence, responsible attitudes and lifestyle.

All full-time academic staff at cornerstone are attached to boarding house and share the pastoral and supervisory responsibility. Overall, leadership is provided by the house parents supported by the Resident house tutor.

Contact with parents frequently, interim reports on wards are available either by phone or email. In addition to the house parents’ general contribution, timely progress reports are sent at the end of each term.

House spirits is encouraged though various inter-house competition and sporting activities, with points awarded for achievements. Development of emotional intelligence is encouraged through social intervention and various events such as house dinners, “parents and family parties” etc.

Students needing accommodation must be at least seven (7) years of age from their last birthday…APPLY FOR ADMISSION HERE

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